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“Beauty will save the world”: that sentence from Dostoïeveski was imprinted in me as I discovered your vision of the universe where nature, far from all human presence, reveals itself through her colors, her strength, her plenitude. A peace that comes from up there through the length of the trunks, full of underground life. That verticality, like in Nachi’s falls, says the essential and generates a quiet meditation. But, beyond the vigor of your lines, you are a master of color: the freshness of your acids, the subtle contrast with the warm presence of the luminous touches, make for imaginary landscapes where the fluidity reminds of the first watercolors of Kandinsky at the dawn of the XXth century. You are often at the border that separates the two worlds, the real one and that of dreams. Your originality is born from that fragile equilibrium: True, it would be easy, like with every artist, to recognize the influence of the great masters: I thought of Gauguin, of Odilon Redon and of other “substantial allies” but, beyond those primitive contributions, your paintings result of all the horizons your eyes have discovered in these parts of the country, beyond the oceans which your youth has seen quite intensely. Today, this anthem to beauty vibrates in each of your creations, but I can also see imprinted the presence of death, destruction; the threat of a terrible fire crosses your paintings. In those times where each day reveals so much chaos, you bring the unbreakable certitude that there is, beyond the day to day, a path source of light as the only response to Evil. This “Song of constellations” that Malraux talks about, we hear it here; it resounds within us; it is the deep and sensitive voice of a true artist.

- Jean Claude Pichaud, Nov 2011.

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